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Thread: I will serve, obey and please my Master.

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    Default I will serve, obey and please my Master.

    I am always in submission to my Master whether He is present or not, ready to please Him at anytime, in any place, under any circumstances, regardless of who may be present. For the opportunity to submit and to please is by far more important and satisfying than any other pursuit. i trust my Master will keep me safe, protecting His reputation and mine in the presence of others, as He examines my ability to present myself to Him and to others in a subtle manner when required to protect our lifestyle from those who may not understand, nor support, as long as our behaviour is not in any way misrepresented nor misinterpreted by those who may be afar. i am to set, once again, a good example, ready to explain my position to others when required to do so. my lifestyle is a part of a growing culture for which i must never forget that i am an integral part. Am kinda new to the lifestyle..But I will be glad if you can write me on jmaya67 at h o t m a i l dot cum, so that i can share all about me and my pics

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    CHỈ CẦN 1 TỶ 450 Triệu sở hữu ngay nhà TÂN HÒA ĐÔNG-BÌNH TÂN NỐI LIỀN Q6, HCM, mới 100% đúc 3 tấm rưỡi ( hình ảnh thật)
    NHÀ XÂY I HÌNH 3 TẤM RƯỠI TẠI tân hòa đông ,bình tân giáp q6, diện tích 3mx9m ,1 trệt 2 lầu ,lửng ,sổ hồng bao sang tên,vị trí giao thông tiện lợi gần trường học,vòng xoay PHÚ LÂM,15 p ra siêu thị NHÂT AEONE,10 P CÔNG VIÊN ĐẦM SEN,nội thất thiết kế hiện đại,nhà mới vô ở liền,liên hệ 0945459911-0947499911

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