(from my fb friend and posted today)

I Will Not Interfere With The Free Will I Allotted You

“Women of this world, you who claim to know Me. Stop preventing My souls from entering your wombs. You cannot be Mine if you do not trust Me. Do you think you can bow on bended knee while secretly taking poison of satan to prevent My souls from entering this world? Hypocrites I say to all of you. There is nothing you can hide from Me. I Am God the Almighty Father and Creator of this world and of you. How dare you create pretense amongst My true followers! Do you think I would ever send you anything that is wrong?

Men of this world, you who claim to be Mine. Undo what men of satan have done to you. Allow your seed to flow. You cut and distort the flesh I alone gave you with the reasoning of demons! You place financial status above My Will. Hypocrites I say! If you were truly Mine you would trust Me. Change and turn your hearts back to Me now while there is still time. Do not listen to the prompts of satan and his minions sent to End mankind. Your life is not easier because you prevent My souls from entering. What you participate in, is an abomination unto to Me your God. Undo what you have done. Make haste and do not tarry. You have been warned. Do not think every sin can and will be forgiven. satan is a liar, the Father of all lies. True repentance merits forgiveness. I will not overlook one sin without scrutiny of the soul. If you are truly sorry you will undo what you have done. Restore what you have destroyed.

The fires of hell await you and make no mistake, they are real and you will feel the inferno throughout your flesh for all eternity. I Am a God of love and mercy for all who heed Me and repent and make right what they have wronged. I Am also a God of vengeance as vengeance is Mine. Your sins have brought stench into Heaven and My Son suffers daily because of it. My time is now. Awaken to My Truth, the Only Truth. I created you and I will destroy you. The time of subtlety is over and I Am reclaiming My creation. You are either with Me or against Me. There is no in between. I WILL vomit you from My mouth and deny you My new era of peace.

Sin will descend to the pit of hell and all who partake in it will, for all eternity suffer the torment of the demons you love and follow. I will not tell you again. You have been told for thousands of your years, yet you persist in denying and defying Me. The chastisement I warned you about is upon you and the gates of hell will be opened and the demons who long to be released to destroy mankind will be allotted their time, in order to rid My people, My true people from evil. They will be allowed to claim you, should you not heed Me. I say again, Awaken to My Truth or you will descend with the father of all lies for all eternity. Do Not challenge Me. You have been warned. Bow down before Me and Only Me. Your life and existence is in My hands not yours. I Am the Almighty and I am raising My arm against all who oppose Me. I will not interfere with the free will I allotted you. The choice is yours.”

Yahweh, Abba, Jehovah, the Holy Immortal One